Skinny Singles

Relax! You do not need to get on a weight loss program!

Sometimes you don’t have enough players for a doubles game. So, when you find yourself short a player or two consider the concept of “skinny singles.”

What the heck is skinny singles?

Right now, there’s a tournament category of singles. Where some very fit players use the full court and play one-on-one. For only the most fit and professional player is this an option. So, a new concept of tournament play is showing up -Skinny singles. In this format, only half the court is used and requires only two players. There are many benefits to skinny singles:

  • Improves consisentcy
  • Great cardio workout
  • Brings the dink game back in play


When you are restricted to half the court, your margin of error is considerably reduced. You must play the ball in the half-court and you have little room for passing shots so you need to be accurate. This will pay dividends towards your doubles game.

Cardio benefits

Additionally, you are always responsible for every ball so you cannot rely on your partner and you are constantly moving. Great workout and because it’s only half court you won’t be petered out after five minutes as you would in a full court effort.

The Dink Game

A full-court singles match is not known for the dink game. It’s more slam pickleball than finesse. In skinny singles, you can definitely use the dink and you SHOULD so you can practice your third shot drop and all other elements of game.

There are variations of skinny singles you can try as well – play diagonally to get your “long game” worked out or blend a diagonal serve with the skinny game. You play a serve into the opposite court like you do for any match and continue play in the side of the court you served into.

So, consider this type of game – you’ll be glad you did.