Swag?! You know, apparel and accessories branded with the HFCC Pickleball logo.

We make these items available for sale and a portion of the proceeds goes into our operations account. It's a great way to provide support for our program while getting some cool stuff.

We currently offer two items: a neat t-shirt and a very cool hat (literally and figuratively.)

When you buy any of these items, HFCC receives a portion of your sale. So get your gear on and help HFCC out in the process.

We'll be adding more apparel styles as well as possibly some new configurations as creativity allows us.

Click on the pictures to go to the order page. The t-shirt takes you to a separate site of the HFCC swag partner. The hat can be ordered directly from our web order page.

Just Wish To Donate?

If you would rather just make a donation instead of getting some cool gear, you can do it here. Thanks for your support!

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