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Open Play Sign Up - New Procedures PLEASE READ

We have moved to a new signup procedure. Rather than using this website, we will be moving to a phone app called TEAM REACH!

It is easy to use and, for most, more convenient than having to fill out a form on this website.

The links for the app are below. Please download the app at your earliest convenience. It is the ONLY way you will be able to register for playing.

We will still limit sessions to 18. If the session is full, you will automatically be added to the WAITLIST and will be notified if a spot opens.

If there are any communications regarding schedule changes, I will be able to broadcast to the group.

This is a very secure app. You will be able to directly communicate with me and any other member of the HFCC group. Your direct messages are private and secure. Member information is not available to anyone else in the group.

So click on the appropriate link for your phone and download the app as soon as you can.

Feel free to contact me by email if you are having issues. I believe you will have NO problem working this.

The group code for HFCC is 78287

PLEASE NOTE: In order to be permitted to play, you MUST add yourself to our email list and sign the liability waiver form. NO EXCEPTIONS. See the link above: "Get On The Mailing List".

SAFETY NOTE: DO NOT wear running shoes as they are dangerous when playing pickleball. Traditional sneakers (or tennis shoes), court shoes are best.

We have paddles and balls.