Injections for orthopedic injuries: good or bad?

The medical field has changed considerably in the past 15 years, and continues to evolve on a daily basis. Certain treatment options that were not available a couple of decades ago, have provided people with opportunities to extend their athletic careers and improve their overall quality of life. In my opinion, conservative management of orthopedic injuries should always be the first course of action. It has been shown and supported that Physical Therapy is more cost effective than other medical services and very effective in the treatment of various orthopedic conditions such as (not limited to) low back pain, neck pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, etc…

However, there are other measures that can be taken in order to optimize someone’s recovery. At times, more invasive treatments need to be used in order to solve the problem. Certain types of injections can facilitate the recovery process, and enhance the benefits gained in Physical Therapy. When conservative treatment in conjunction with injections do not work, then it may be necessary to consider more invasive methods such as surgeries or other procedures. But what injections should you receive? How effective will it be? How soon can you be back on the courts playing Pickleball?

There is no straightforward answer: it depends. Everyone is different, and every injury will heal differently. Having a good discussion with your physical therapist as well as your orthopedic physician and determining the best course of action for you is paramount. It is always a good sign when the Physical Therapist and Physician have an open line of communication, as this will lead to the best decision making for the patient. Here are some of the available injections available these days:

  • Corticosteroids injection
  • Platelet Rich Plasma injection
  • Platelet Lysate injection
  • Hyaluronic Acid injection
  • Stem Cell injection

All the above injections have pros and cons, and none of them work 100% of the time. Stay tuned for the article in Pickleball Magazine for a more in depth look at the various injections to help you make an educated decision should you need an injection.

Noe Sariban is the Official Team Engage Physical Therapist. Noe is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Pickleball Teaching Professional, and a Team EngagePickleball Sponsored Athlete. Please visit for more information on injury prevention and rehabilitation tips. Noe started his website to provide Pickleball players around the world with a reliable and free source of information. Please like his Facebook page for updates and new information.

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