Our friends at PickleballCentral.com were kind enough to provide a very high end paddle for us to try out. And try it we did. I enlisted two of the top players in the area to give me some expert feedback on the Paddletek Bantam TS-5 Pro. Check out what they say below. I invite you all to give this a try. It will always be around for your examination. As I always say, the best way to decide on a paddle purchase is to pick up a few different paddles and play with them. We are fortunate to have many paddles from different manufacturers for all to try. Questions, just let me know and I’ll do my best to answer or get you the answer.

We put this paddle into the hands of two top-rated players in the area. Ari Roodhuyzen is rated at 4.5 (out of 5.0) and is known to be one of the best male players in our area. Ari is known for his pickleball skills and his genuine friendliness towards other players; always willing to play and teach those who are still learning the game. When not on the pickleball courts Ari runs his business – Southern Style Photo Booths.

Our other reviewer is a nationally ranked player LeEllen Lane. She is currently nationally ranked as a 4.5 player. Here’s the amazing part – LeEllen is only 16 years old!  She has an great future ahead of her! It’s no wonder because LeEllen comes from a great pedigree – her mom is none other than Stephanie Lane who his one of the top- ranked female pickleball players in the country! Google her and you’ll see!!

Here are their comments:


“The New T5 Pro: It’s an incredibly well-rounded paddle. Has amazing touch with a new thicker core, is weighted very nicely and has the option for a smaller grip which is helpful for people with smaller hands like myself. In terms of advanced paddle-technology, this paddle is cutting edge. The control and maneuverability is unparalleled, especially with the size and shape of the head. Allows for very precise dinking as well as powerful drives and overheads. Feels very nice in the hand. I would recommended this paddle for people who are already skilled at their kitchen game, or people who want to improve their kitchen game. Really no complaints about this paddle…it’s the perfect evolution from the first bantam. Highly recommended, even at a much higher price point.”


“The Bantam TS-5 is a great mix of touch and power. for the past few years i have played with the tempest, which i would consider primarily a paddle with fantastic touch, improving and helping kitchen play and third shots. The Bantam EX-l really accents drives and hard shots, and complements a “banger’s” game. The Bantam TS-5 Pro is the perfect combination of these two paddles, equipping players with a paddle that can handle the hard shots, and showcase ideal soft play.”

The Paddletek Bantam TS-5 Pro can be purchased at PickleballCentral.com. Don’t forget to use your HFCC Pickleball discount code. Contact me if you need it again.